The Future Cryptography Conference

13.05.2024 | Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Sciences (Kohtu 6)

Arne Ansper (Estonia): PQC in Internet – an overview of what IETF has done and how far we are from using PQC in Internet.

Petr Muzikant (Czechia): Post-Quantum Cryptography for Engineers: Technical Overview.

Peeter Laud (Estonia): How do I authenticate myself in a post-quantum world?

Ioannis Askoxylakis (European Commission): Horizon Europe Call “Post-Quantum Cryptography Transition”

Jan Hajný (Czechia): Hybrid Cryptography: Combining Classical, Quantum and Post-Quantum Mechanisms for Practical Hardware-Accelerated Encryption

Jan Willemson (Estonia): Post-quantum e-state – why and when?​

Tomáš Rabas (Czechia): NUKIB‘s view on transition to post-quantum cryptography.​

Tõnis Reimo (Estonia): What could be the transition plan to post-quantum cryptography in Estonia?